vegan cottage cheese

by livestalk & the bodies



Recorded July 3rd 2015
on a Tascam 246 cassette recorder

1. porcupine
2. peanut butter & sriracha
3. how to be well
4. vegan cottage cheese
5. kitchen sink

fambly picnic records/tapes 00001

thx to friends, lovers, collaborators


released July 31, 2015

all music on this tape written and performed by kevo



all rights reserved


livestalk & the bodies Hamilton, Ontario

a buncha queerdos creating bombastic chorale clamour with acoustic guitars, drums and vocals chords from hamylon, onterrible, kkklanada

instaspam @the.bods

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Track Name: vegan cottage cheese
citations segregated liabilities.
good night.
trade places
don't tell me to
calm down.
Track Name: how to be well
wake up.
the clouds have broken in.
see the sun pass it on
take a smile put it on
and let it resonate.
celebrate. ain't it great.
get out of bed.
the day is close to ending.
we hold close, to let go.
we let in to push out.
we will fall, pick yourself up.
don't wait fr who will break down
all the walls that we build,
hide behind hope to be found.
celebrate. yr alive today.
yew can stay the same
or yew could make a change.
but yr alive and everything will be okay.
(ooooo) celebrate. yr alive today.
yew can make a change or
choose to stay the same,
but yr alive.
yew should never feel ashamed.